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I specialize in teaching music to people with learning and physical disability; I was trained at the Verhoog School of Music in Chicago, a kind of learning laboratory. I’ve been teaching all ages, especially adults for 15 years.

I started learning at age 18, so anyone of any age can play – I have students in their 80s.

I also tune and repair pianos


I thought I could never play the piano

For a long time, playing piano was stressful and frustrating. Now, I can focus on my love of music.

I’ve had a half dozen teachers in the past. Within only a few months, David helped me understand what was blocking me.

He has helped me learn how to coordinate my hands, how to read chords in spite of dyslexia, how to play without risk of injury. But perhaps the most striking is how relaxed and happy I feel at the keyboard.

I have years of experience working with smart people with learning disabilities; in fact, I have learning disabilities. David is extremely gifted. He helps me view piano music in a new, exciting way that makes sense to me.

–Myrna Orenstein, Ph.D.

Author of Smart but Stuck: Resilience with Learning Disabilities

If you have the chance to learn piano from David, take it.

He is a rare teacher like Robin William in the Dead Poets Society.

I learned to have fun and relax, and David made it easy to progress. David is out of the box, smart and has a contagious approach to life that transfers to music. He is a genuine inspiration.

–Adult student via videochat

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