About Lessons with David

Piano lessons are sliding scale up to 50$ an hour

Video stream, at a studio space, the student's home or my home in Montreal


I teach kids starting at age 2 (lessons aren't very long and need the parent at that age, but I can teach a kid perfect pitch). I mostly teach adults.

I teach beginning to early advanced students.

Improvisation, "natural learning", overcoming physical, emotional, and cognitive barriers.

Music of course


I focus on making piano easy and on natural learning. My philosophy is that if you present a clear physical and cognitive “puzzle” to the body, there is no need to practice (though it doesn’t hurt): the subconscious will solve the puzzle “naturally” within a couple of days. I honestly worry more about my students practicing too much than practicing too little. That is the power of puzzle-based learning, powered by asking questions and directing awareness to problem solving.

What are lessons like for beginners?

I propose musical and whimsical music that is at the right level (see Resources).

For beginners, my philosophy is that it’s important to have a “breezy” attitude about music at the beginning. For my students, I use a lot of what I call “burner music,” fairly easy music that we fly through over the course of about a month. So rather than investing too much in learning a couple of pieces at the beginning, I much prefer to try a bunch of little, easy, one or two line songs that are cute, and move onto something else.